Tallapoosa, Georgia

I received a puppy from Woodhaven St Bernard kennel along with a couple of adults. None of which had or was over due for vaccinations and / or rabies.

Upon vet visit whip worm and urine burns to pad of feet was a major concern. I paid for treatments and got my babies healthy but just one of my real concerns came when I went to breed my male not only did several of his puppies seizure but found out he and couple littermates did as well as babies and later in life.

I have found out alot about this kennel and currently there may be a big issue with some of her dogs not carrying the correct pedigrees and she may have been lying about who the parents are. I highly recommend quick vet visits and past vet records be current before purchasing your puppy or dog and be prepared to have to put alot of training into any adults as it tooks me along time to get my older babies to realize they were a part of the family and I was going to always be giving alot of attention

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Simpsonville, South Carolina, United States #942347

I would really like to speak with you about your issue with the seizing pups. I bought the most beautiful male puppy from Melon City Saints in Iowa.

Flew him here to SC at 14 1/2 weeks old. Our family absolutely fell in love with him. We spared no expense on this incredible dog (food, vet, training, giant breed accessories, exercise, affection and discipline) - and at the age of 9 months old our precious Gimli began seizing. Grand mal.

By the 1st of February (now 12 months old) he had experienced 12 grand mal seizures and many other petite. He went through the top 2 seizure-reducing drugs, and the seizures increased in frequency. We experienced 3 seizures this past Wednesday, the last one followed with a bit of mild aggression and uncontrollable behavior. Our hearts broke as we were advised to put him down.

Here is the thing . . . his pedigree (however reliable that is) shows a Woodhaven mother .

. . God's Gift of Woodhaven from Royal Treasure St. Bernards in AL.

Would you be able to contact me so I can discuss the experiences you have had and try and find a "trail" of sorts? I'm concerned about leaving any contact info here.

I'm hoping I can somehow find your response on this website. Would you mind discussing your experience here?

to So Sad and Disappointed Riverside, California, United States #996438

We adopted a saint from Royal Treasures in 2011 and we lost her to seizures at a very early age.

to So Sad and Disappointed #1040357

We have also had 2 dogs with Melon City lines pass away from epilepsy. Our male passed away at 5 months old, our female struggled with epilepsy for just over a year.

We were unable to control her seizures and we had to put her down. She was 3 years old.

Our family is devastated as we loved both of our Saints very much. My heart goes out to anyone who has experienced epilepsy in their pet.

to So Sad and Disappointed Illinois, United States #1303556

We purchased a "K" puppy from God's Gift Breeder in Santa Clause, IN 2010. Her parents were HAMLET VAN'T HOF TEN EYNDER, Woodhaven owned dog, and GODSGIFT DELIGHTFULLY DEVINE.

She had her first single seizure at 2.5 yrs, vet determined her thyroid was off and medicated her and we were good for 6 months. Then seizures became regular, building into clusters and very hard to get control of. We went to neurologist who diagnosed Epilepsy. It took a combination of 4 different seizure medications to get her into a controlled state of only a seizure every 6 - 8 weeks.

She was the most loving saint with personality to spare. She was just shy of 6 yrs old when we had to put her down last year. Her liver enzymes spiked and we had to adjust her meds which put her into a cluster of seizures that she didn't pull out of. Completely heartbreaking.

The one thing that has always stuck in my head was God's Gift breeder talking about focusing on temperament and personality, an afterthought of, and not health. I've always questioned if she knew and if so how could she breed that dog? Further, I've noticed as I've started to look, it seems that almost all the midwest St. Bernard breeders who use to be very active with long history's are nowhere to be found.

HAMLET VAN'T HOF TEN EYNDER was an imported pup who seemed to breed with many due to his show quality. Very Sad.


I purchased a male puppy as well from Woodhaven. He had aggression problems and died on me middle aged and we think it was due to heart disease.

The necropsy was inconclusive but leaned that way. I thought it was just a fluke but to read the other complaints I will not go back.


Welcome to the club. We purchased a puppy from there that was "going to be a show dog." At 8 months old and despite every effort and no cost spared, the dog had to be put down due to severe aggression issues (repeatedly attacked our children).

This is unheard of in Saints and something we had never seen before in a dog. In addition, he had endless health issues.

In the few short months we had him, we spent thousands in vet bills and other services.

Truly unfortunate that someone may knowingly be deceiving people and also breeding animals that have a high probability for health issues.

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